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The Vancouver and District Labour Council (VDLC) has selected the candidates who will receive its endorsement in the October 20 municipal election. The endorsements were determined at the council’s regular meeting on the evening of July 17 by delegates representing its affiliated unions.

VDLC Endorsed Candidates

City of Vancouver Mayor

Kennedy Stewart (Independent)

Vancouver City Council

Christine Boyle (OneCity)
Diego Cardona (Vision)
Adriane Carr (Green)
Heather Deal (Vision)
Pete Fry (Green)
Derrick O’Keefe (COPE)
Tanya Paz (Vision)
Jean Swanson (COPE)
Wei Qiao Zhang (Vision)
Brandon Yan (OneCity)

Vancouver School Board

Erin Arnold (Vision)
Carrie Bercic (OneCity)
Janet Fraser (Green)
Estrellita Gonzalez (Green)
Erica Jaaf (OneCity)
Aaron Leung (Vision)
Barb Parrott (COPE)
Jennifer Reddy (OneCity)
Allan Wong (Vision)

Vancouver Park Board

Dave Demers (Green)
Camil Dumont (Green)
Gwen Geisbrecht (COPE)
John Irwin (COPE)
Stuart Mackinnon (Green)
Shamim Shivji (Vision)
Cameron Zubko (Vision)

North Vancouver Mayor

Linda Buchanan (Independent)

North Vancouver City Council

Angela Girard (Independent)
Mack McCorkindale (Independent)

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Political Action