Hands Off Venezuela

The VDLC condemns the attempted coup taking place in Venezuela, which aims to install unelected opposition figure Juan Guaido as president of the country. 

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IWD Dinner

VDLC Women's Committee's Annual IWD Dinner - March 8, 2019 at the Maritime Labour Centre.  

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Solidarity with Hanjin Workers

The VDLC expresses its solidarity with Hanjin Shipyard Workers' Organization (SAMAHAN) and the Workers for People’s Liberation (WPL) in relation to the mass reductions in staffing at Hanjin Shipyards in the Philippines. SAMAHAN is one of the labour organizations supported through the Adopt an Organizer Program facilitated by the VDLC and funded by Canadian unions. 

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Solidarity with Philippine Sugar Workers and Teachers

The VDLC continues to express its solidarity with workers of the Philippines, who are organizing and fighting for their rights under some of the most difficult and dangerous conditions in the world. 

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2019 VDLC Meeting Dates

The following meeting dates were set and approved at the December 15, 2018 meeting,

Meetings fall on the 3rd Tuesday of each month and start at 7:00 pm.

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This is our chance for fairer elections

Voting is at the heart of democracy.  As union members we understand that government matters – the choices and decisions made by government affect the lives of working people.  However, we can’t forget that how we elect government matters too!

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