Join Our #LabourVotes2018 Team!

On October 20, voters have a critical decision to make. Our city is at a crossroads. One path leads to right-wing government which will take us in the wrong direction. 

The other leads in a bold, progressive direction wherein we can tackle the crises our city faces while respecting collective bargaining and workers rights. That path starts with electing our endorsed candidates.

The VDLC is hard at work to make this happen - but we need your help

In order to achieve the level of outreach and get-out-the vote contact that we need to be successful, we are working to mobilize an army of volunteers. I'm writing to ask you to join us. Please take a hard look at your calendar and find those days, evenings, and hours that you can spare. 

Our key canvass dates are October 10, 13, 17, 19, and 20, but we can use your help any day - and there is a job for everyone. 

Joining our #LabourVotes2018 volunteer team is easy! Visit to sign-up, and an organizer will contact you shortly. 

Together we will elect a progressive government on October 20!