Vacancy Control in SRO's

The VDLC is calling on the City of Vancouver to legislate rents tied to SRO units, not to tenants. This policy, also known as vacancy control, will help to save crucially needed affordable housing spaces for those who may otherwise face homelessness. 

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Time to Fundamentally Reassess Canadian Foreign Policy

The VDLC endorses the open letter "Time to Fundamentally Reassess Canadian Foreign Policy" issued by the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute. 

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Forward Together

In Canada, we’ve weathered the pandemic by sticking together and supporting each other.

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Save the PNE!

Shared on behalf of CUPE 1004.

The Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) and its over 4,200 workers and CUPE members have been left out of Canada's post-pandemic economic recovery plan.

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Protecting Tenants and Homeowners During COVID-19

The VDLC continues to call for the cancellation of rent debt, a ban on evictions, and a moratorium on mortgage payments for those who need it during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Health and Safety in the Downtown Eastside During COVID-19

The VDLC, through our Downtown Eastside Joint Union Committee, continues to bring together affiliated unions representing community health and community social services workers in the DTES. 

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