May 23, 2019 • Vancouver, BC, Canada

VDLC Labour Education - Investigations & Interrogations - May 23 & 24

To register - Picture this, you are a shop steward and get a request from an HR manager to sit in on an interview of a union member as part of an investigation; they won’t tell you or the worker what it’s about or let you speak alone; and the manager is vague and accusatory and threatens to discipline the...

May 23, 2019 • Vancouver, BC, Canada

USW Solidarity Rally May 23

USW Local 5114 began an Unfair Labor Practice strike against Hecla Mining in Mullan, Idaho in March of 2017.  The fight for justice continues and is coming to Vancouver.  The Hecla annual shareholders’ meeting is this month in Vancouver and the USW will be there to show solidarity with our brothers and sisters on strike at the Lucky Friday mine....

May 27—29, 2019 • Vancouver, BC, Canada

VDLC Labour Education - Duty to Accommodate - May 27 - 29

To register -  Focusing on the accommodation of disabilities, this course will examine the meaning of discrimination and its  relationship to accommodation, the scope and the limitations to the accommodation process, the procedural and substantive aspects of the duty, the role of medical evidence in accommodation, and the rights and obligations of employers, unions, and accommodation-seeking individual workers in the...

May 30, 2019 • Vancouver, BC, Canada

VDLC Labour Education - Employer Policies - May 30

To register:  This course will lay the foundation for your understanding of employer policies and their relationship to labour law.  We will look at when employer policies are permitted and when they are not, when policies should be    challenged, and what legal tests a policy will need to pass in order to hold up in arbitration.  We will learn...

May 31, 2019 • Vancouver, BC, Canada

VDLC Labour Education - Bullying & Harassment - May 31

Confused about where the line between harassment and management rights is? about the obligations of the   employer and union under human rights harassment, personal harassment, and harassment and bullying in the workers compensation context?, or how to prevent harassment in the first place? This course will help in identifying what workplace harassment is, understand the general principles applicable to it...

June 1, 2019 • Vancouver, BC, Canada

VDLC Labour Education - Effective Grievances - June 1

This is a course designed for new union activists and stewards, or as a refresher for those with more experience.  Learn the difference between a complaint and a grievance, when to start a grievance, how to support and advocate for your members in the grievances and best practices.  Participants will learn the fundamentals for  successful  grievance outcomes. Instructors Jennifer Arnold,...

June 18, 2019

VDLC Regular Meeting - June 18

October 23—25, 2019 • Vancouver, BC, Canada

VDLC Labour Education - Unions & the Indigenous Truth and Reconciliation Process

To register:  This course will examine the history and nature of Aboriginal land claims, the inter-generational impact of the residential school system, the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and an overview of current     Aboriginal issues.  The relevance of these issues to the labour movement will be examined and groups will    brainstorm ways in which tools such as collective...