November 27, 2019 • Vancouver, BC, Canada

VDLC Labour Education - Accommodating Alcohol & Drug Addictions and Medical Marijuana at Work

To Register: This course will review how alcohol and drug addictions have been accommodated at work and the challenges that these accommodation pose for the employer, union, and worker. We will then examine  issues that have   arisen as a result of recent changes to the legal regime surrounding the  use of medical marijuana in the workplace. Instructor Conni Kilfoil Conni...

November 28, 2019 • Vancouver, BC, Canada

VDLC Labour Education - Privacy Rights - Nov 28

To register: This course uses case law reviews to examine the privacy rights of employees in the workplace, the limits on employer interference with those rights, and the possible remedies for impermissible interference with those rights.  Areas covered will include workplace surveillance, employer monitoring of computer use, internet and emails, permissible employee use of electronic communications and equipment at work,...

November 29, 2019 • Vancouver, BC, Canada

VDLC Labour Education - Union Community Advocacy - Nov 29

To register: Description coming soon. Instructor Neal Adolph, United Way Labour Participation Department Coming soon