Uniting labour in or community

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Support BC Teachers and Public Education

We stand firm in our commitment to supporting teachers and public education. It's time for appropriately funded public education and fair compensation and working conditions for teachers. Teachers' working conditions are students' learning conditions.

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The Right to Fairness for Screening Officers

Across Canada screening officers are subject to an unfair dispute resolution process that is arbitrary and infringes the most basic of principles in labour relations- the right to appeal and the right of unionized workers to union representation.

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VDLC Applauds Restoration of Human Rights Commission

The VDLC applauds the decision of the BC government to restore the Human Rights Commission. The dismantling of the commission seventeen years ago under the BC Liberals was an attack on human rights, the full impact of which will never be known. 

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Battle of Ballantyne Memorial

On June 18, the VDLC was proud to join the International Longshore & Warehouse Union at its annual Battle of Ballantyne Memorial event at New Brighton Park in Vancouver. 

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Progress on Indigenous Land Acknowledgements at Sports Events

Last month we proposed that an Indigenous land acknowledgement should be included in the opening ceremonies of sporting events.

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Include Land Acknowledgements at Sporting Events

The VDLC is calling on our local sports teams to include an Indigenous land acknowledgement at the beginning of games. This would be a small but meaningful step, and an obvious one to implement given that the singing of countries' anthems is already a longstanding practice prior to games. 

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