Uniting labour in or community

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Welcome IAMAW Local Lodge 16

The VDLC welcomes our newest affiliate: International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW), Local Lodge 16. 

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Workers and Students - Unite to Stop Climate Change

We need real action on climate change, while ensuring a just transition so that no worker is left behind. Students and workers together can drive this change. 

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Seniority is No Joke

Seniority is no joke. It ensures that workers are treated fairly, according to their experience and years of service, and ensures they are fairly compensated.

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Hospital Pay Parking

The VDLC is joining those who are calling for the elimination of pay parking at BC hospitals. Pay parking brings relatively minimal funding into the medical system, but creates a barrier to accessing medical care and places unnecessary stress on patients and their loved ones. 

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The VDLC endorses the #BuildSchoolsRight campaign calling for an update to BC's school design policy, because student success requires the right school facilities. 

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The VDLC supports the extension of voting rights to permanent residents. At our April 2019 regular meeting we adopted the following recommendation endorsing the #LostVotesYVR campaign which is campaigning to achieve this reform in the City of Vancouver. 

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