Uniting labour in or community

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Progress on Indigenous Land Acknowledgements at Sports Events

Last month we proposed that an Indigenous land acknowledgement should be included in the opening ceremonies of sporting events.

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Include Land Acknowledgements at Sporting Events

The VDLC is calling on our local sports teams to include an Indigenous land acknowledgement at the beginning of games. This would be a small but meaningful step, and an obvious one to implement given that the singing of countries' anthems is already a longstanding practice prior to games. 

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A Green New Deal for Canada

With the threat of climate change looming, it is critical that we begin rapidly transforming our economy into one that will be sustainable in the long term. But in doing so, we must also create good new jobs and ensure that workers have a just transition into the new economy. 

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VDLC Opposes Tax Shift to Residential Property

The VDLC voted at our May regular meeting to oppose the recent decision of Vancouver City Council to shift 2% of property taxes from business to residential properties. 

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Regulate Gas Prices, Boost Investment in Public Transit

It is profiteering, not taxes, which is causing the outrageous prices at the pump. Enough is enough, it's time to regulate gas prices while boosting investment in public transit in order to provide more alternatives to driving.

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