Uniting labour in or community

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Contract Flip at YVR Airport Puts 90 Food Service Workers’ Jobs at Risk

The VDLC supports UNITE HERE Local 40, and the 90 YVR workers who are facing job losses due to contact flipping. We need successorship language to protect workers in all industries in the BC Labour Relations Code. 

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Vote Stephen Von Sychowski for Vancity Board of Directors

Elections for the Vancity Credit Union Board of Directors are currently taking place. This year the Vancouver and District Labour Council is please to endorse our own President, Stephen Von Sychowski, for the Board! 

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Support the Campaign for Free Prescription Contraceptives

Prescription contraceptives are expensive, and this barrier to access disproportionately impacts working class and poor people, especially women. It's time to promote gender equality and better health outcomes with free prescription contraceptives. That's why we endorse AccessBC

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Open Letter to Minister Bains on Child Employment Standards

The VDLC is signing on to the Open Letter to Minister Bains on Child Employment Standards, which has been issued by First Call. We need change to protect children and youth. The following motion was adopted at our March regular meeting. 

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It's Time for Mandatory Vaccinations in BC

While BC suffers another outbreak of measles, the VDLC has taken a stand for public health. At our March regular meeting the following motion was adopted, calling for the implementation of mandatory vaccination in BC. 

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VDLC Calls for Community to Oppose Racism, Fascism, and Bigotry

UPDATE - March 15: It appears that the event in question is now cancelled altogether. 

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